• Graphite and colored pencil on paper,23 x 30.5 cm,2017
  • Graphite and colored pencil on cardboard,37.5 x 55 cm,2017
  • Colored pencil on card stock,39 x 46.5 cm,2017
  • Colored pencil and crayon on fiberboard,32 x 40 cm,2017
  • Colored pencil and crayon on fiberboard,34 x 27 cm,2016
  • Colored pencil and graphite on fiberboard, 37.5 x 39.5 cm,2017
  • Colored pencil and graphite on cardboard,31.5 x 36 cm,2017
  • Colored pencil on paper,19.5 x 27 cm,2017
  • Colored pencil and graphite on paper,21 x 29.5 cm,2017
  • Recycled objects on wood canes,106 x 20 x 24 cm,2015
  • Colored pencil on a notebook,15.2 x 20.3 cm(80 sheets),2016
  • Colored pencil and watercolor on fabrics,56 x 61 cm,2016
  • Colored pencil and graphite on cardboard,22.5 x 39 cm,2017
Miguel Ramon Morales Diaz
Havana, 1948  

Ramon grew up in a humble family. He would had like to be a doctor but he could only finish 6th grade. His mother, a housekeeper, died and he had to start working to support his family. Over the years he became a carpenter and usually he used to work in construction sites. At that time, he began drawing on the streets and on abandoned walls during his free hours as a way to relax himself from hard work. Nowadays, Ramon has not changed his hobby as he continues drawing. He just loves to serve his community drawing on old walls like mural paintings. Some of these works have been lost forever due to the weather action and the conscious or unconscious actions of some people. One of his most significant work is a group of drawings on the facade and surrounding walls of a pharmacy near where he lives. These murals have been welcomed by the workers of the pharmacy and many other people of his neighborhood. Currently, Ramon spends much of his time on the streets, drawing and talking with his friends and neighbors. He quietly sits down on any place and draws with just a bunch of recycled papers, a piece of an old cardboard or just a piece of wood and some color pencils. He uses everyday scenes as motif, as well as the natural humor, jokes and slang of the people who surround him.

  • 2017. Cuba Outside. Galerie Hamer. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • 2017. Outsider Art Fair. New York, USA.
  • 2017. Outsider Art Fair New York 2017 (Booth of Galerie Bourbon-Lally). New York, USA.
  • 2016. First Exhibition of the Art Brut Project Cuba's Collection. RIERA STUDIO. Havana, Cuba.