• Tempera on black paper, 23x36.5cm, 2000
  • Tempera and crayon on cardboard, 21x36.5cm, 1995
  • Tempera on card stock, 23.5x30.5cm, 1999
  • Tempera on paper, 24.5x35cm, 2004
  • Tempera on paper, 22.5x29cm, 1994
  • Tempera on black paper, 22x18cm, 2000
  • Tempera on card stock, 23.5x38.5cm, 2005
  • Tempera and crayon on card stock, 30.5x46cm, 2006
  • Tempera and crayon on card stock, 29.5x44cm, 2006
  • Dry pastel on cardboard, 18.5x19cm, 2000
  • Tempera on fiberboard, 31.5x18.5cm, 1997
  • Tempera on paper, 18x32cm, 2008
Jesus Espinosa Carrillo
Villa Clara, 1951

Jesus lost his mother when he was very young, so he was raised by his father. He has been living all his life at a small town, never got married and neither had any children and also he doesn’t have any alive relative. While he was a young man he began a dependence on alcohol and at the same time he began to suffer schizophrenia crisis so he was hospitalized and put under treatment with different medications at a mental hospital. Once established the treatment to follow, he was sent home but Jesus couldn’t stop the alcohol consumption even when he was taking the prescribed psychoactive drugs so his health’s condition got worse. He was hospitalized again several times until he was able to control his addiction and to keep a better assimilation of the treatments to control his paranoia crises. Nowadays he goes to a day time clinic for mental health patients.

Jesus began to draw when he was a child motivated by his mother, and he continued doing it all through his life but he never received any professional instruction regarding arts. As an adult, painting became a personal need. During his more active stages he began painting with the sunset till the new day's dawn with no interruption. His works involve human figures located in the foreground which he combines with childlike features. The most repeated elements in his works are women, in many cases posing in erotic images. He also places on each of his paintings a figure that he says represents an ant, all out of natural proportion, in a disconnected way and sometimes out of context regarding the rest of the elements of the painting; this could be seen as his particular way to sign each work. His paintings are of an apparent simplicity in representation and imagination but these are combine in a unique way with vigorous strokes on every main figure, together with the use of pastel colors and few secondary figures, sometimes cut-off from the background. Jesus comments than many of his drawings were taken from his hallucinations, the voices and faces that make him company while he paints. He also tries to paint his dreams in any kind of material that he finds so he could remember them later.

  • 2018. 2nd National Exhibition of Art Brut Project Cuba. Havana, Cuba.