Purchasing artworks is just one way you can help to support our project and make possible the insertion of more creators, most of them people with mental disorders or serious health conditions. Our project doesn't only support their work but also their lives. The artists get the 80% of the sales and the rest goes to promotion costs, marketing, exhibition-related elements and purchase of art supplies. Since Art Brut Project Cuba is outside the scope of government support, we depend completely on the generous support of individuals and associations.

You can be part of it through your donations. You can help us buy art supplies, provide conditions to carry out workshops, for work residencies, prepare exhibitions and create many other opportunities for many of our creators with special needs. You can also send us donations of art supplies or contribute in the way you think would be appropriate. Please, if you wish to contribute to our project in the ways you prefer, just email us at: and let us know your intentions.